Empowering conscious people.

What drives me...

Human beings are complex. And unsolved problems in a social system (organization, family, within one single human being) can lead to loss of valuable resources and a waste of (human) potential!

Mission & Solution:

As a systemic coach and certified KinFlex® therapist, I help to uncover & tackle the deeper root causes of complex problems. I support and empower conscious human beings to recognise their full potential and achieve their highest goals.

How do I empower you?

Reduce stress, ADHD, dyslexia and more with KinFlex® therapy: 
Tackling root causes, not symptoms

Do you suffer from chronic stress or burnout symptoms? Are you dyslexic or have you been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD? Do low self-esteem, perfectionism, procrastination or memory problems hold you back?

Often, these symptoms are not addressed holistically. The good news: If the symptoms are linked to retained primitive childhood reflexes, the proven German KinFlex® reflex therapy is very likely to help you!

Do you want to know if you (or your child older than 6) can benefit from my KinFlex® therapy treatment? Contact me to find out!

Deep analysis & visualization of a complex problem:
"Success Mapping" and strategy development as a team sport

Analyzing and tackling a complex organizational problem can be a challenge and overwhelming without the proper tooling. "Success Mapping" and a guided process can truly help get the overview as a team to jointly develop and visualize effective solution strategies.

Do you have a problem in your organization that needs a new visual & systemic approach? Let's talk!

Discover your life purpose & boost your happiness:
Find out your life's purpose, & overcome your "shadow"-self to truly thrive

I am a firm believer that everyone is here for a reason and is equipped with unique abilities to thrive and feel fulfilled by contributing to the larger whole. When people are aware of their gifts and talents and utilise them in their daily lives, success feels effortless. Many people have no idea what the purpose of their life is and feel empty inside. A meaningless life is more than a missed opportunity, very sad and: not necessary. There are tools to discover your purpose in a proven psycholocial and neurological scientific way. This coaching is designed to do just that. Quickly, effectively and in a strategic way.
Do you want to know your life purpose? Do you want a fulfilling life?Find out how to get there!


"I would recommend the workshop to everyone dealing with complex systems/problems because I am scared the planet and its inhabitants have to suffer the damage when the problem solvers make one of the ten mentioned mistakes that may cause dramatic effects."

Lysanne Jackson

NLadviseurs, Biodiversity policy and legislation advisor

Scientifically backed through research:

Almost 75% of all problem solving fails due to a too superficial problem analysis.

In my PhD, I developed a systemic problem analysis methodology for complex problems that has proven to be highly successful. Do you want to hear more about my findings? Get in touch with me or get the book/ebook (in German) here!

Book and ebook

About / Connecting the Dots

Dr. Violetta Neumann-Wolff

My passion is to help and empower people. I love to identify and solve root causes - fast and effectively!

Systemic Coach & Certified KinFlex® Therapist

What drives me? Connecting insights and personal experience!


Back in 2010, I was introduced to the circular economy concept "Cradle to Cradle." Ever since, it has been an ideal dear to my heart. Why? Because - in my eyes - its five pillars (product design for either biological products or technical service solutions, renewable energy, social justice, chemical analysis to 100 ppm, water stewardship) make sense and are essential to tackle several environmental and social problems in an eco-effective way.

Systems oriented management tools and systems theory

By learning the method systems thinking/systems mapping in 2013 and systems constellation in 2016, it enabled me to tackle complex problems strategically. But only when I was combining these two methods in my dissertation for an in-depth analysis of complex organizational problems, I was also introduced to the theory and science of cybernetics (1st order and 2nd order) and deeper aspects of organizational culture and psychology. This background knowledge enabled me to also grasp the subtle and hidden root causes of complex organizational problems. I would recommend any organization to first seek to understand a complex problem in its depth. This way you avoid wasting time and money by treating symptoms.

Mindset and emotions

In 2017, personal challenges proved to be a blessing in disguise: I came across several different coaching techniques that have the power to calm the nervous system, change subconscious beliefs and alter emotional states. As a result, I experienced different results on the "outside". This is what I call "cybernetics 2nd order in action".
So far, not many leaders or decision makers are aware of the power of this underlying concept of "inside-out causality". Why? Because it is normally not taught in schools and universities.  

That said - what are our Vision, Mission and Values?


I envision an economy, society and ecosystems that are healthy, happy and thriving! This is due to the fact that the economy is run on eco-effective closed-loops and well-orchestrated systems that are constantly improving through the help of human innovation, collaboration and creativity. Systemic laws and systems thinking skills are applied by all decision makers because these skills and insights are taught in schools and universities worldwide. "Inner development" is seen as a strategic success factor because everyone is aware of the fact that "inner work" and visualization is a prerequisite for desired positive outcomes.


I believe in 3 powerful levers to support the achievement of this vision:

  1. empower human beings to become the best versions of themselves
  2. apply & teach systemic tools to tackle complex problems effectively
  3. support people to unvocer their life purpose to feel fulfilled & be successful


Central values that determine my actions and decisions are effectiveness, systems thinking, accountability, contributing to the larger whole, continuous learning and self-development.

Let's get in touch!

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