Are you in your
zone of genius yet?

Human beings are complex...

Human beings are complex. And unsolved problems in a social system (organization, family, within one single human being) can lead to loss of valuable resources and a waste of human potential!

My mission? To See you thrive!

I love to help you uncover and eliminate the root causes of a complex problem you struggle with. My mission is that you achieve your full potential and develop your true and unique genius.

How do I support you?

KinFlex® Reflex Therapy & Coaching
Tackle high stress-levels, burnout or ADHD symptoms more holistically!

Sometimes the root causes of ADHD, chronic stress, burnout and other known workplace issues are overlooked.

Did you already know that? We all have 19 “early childhood reflexes”. Until the age of 3, all reflexes are de-stressed by autonomic movements. However, the reflexes are still stressed and active if these movements have not occurred. Or: if a traumatic event in life has put the reflexes back into a state of stress.
Stressed reflexes can lead to numerous problems and symptoms, for adults in their professional and private lives, as well as for children at school.

Would you like to find out whether the autonomic reflexes in your body are still active and causing the symptoms you are currently experiencing? Simply take a short pre-test by answering questions:
-> Test for adults
-> Test for children

KinFlex® reflex therapy & coaching might be the key to eliminate the root causes of your problem.

'Success Map' Coaching
Solve your complex problem systemically & visually!

Tackling complex problems is almost impossible without the right tools, especially when hidden or unconscious variables and causes are at play.

Most people have not been equipped with systemic tools and insights for complex problems at school or university. This can lead to ineffective attempts to solve a complex problem.  
In a half-day (online) workshop, we will effectively and efficiently connect the dots and create a strategic ‘success map’. I will also use my intuitive methods to check whether there are any hidden blockages on the way to achieving the solution.

'Zone of Genius' Coaching
Discover your zone of genius and feel successful and fulfilled!

Are you a "high achiever" who appears to be extremely successful on the outside, but feels burnt out or empty on the inside? Then you are probably working out of your zone of excellence, but not yet out of your zone of genius.

How can you change that?

In a scientifically proven way and based on your psychological and neurological patterns, we will...
1.) discover your life purpose, gifts and talents - or put differently: your 'zone of genius'.
2.) overcome the old ‘shadow self'
3.) create a strategy and path to fulfilling success
4.) accelerate the transformation.

If you want to know whether this coaching can be helpful, please take a minute and answer 5 simple questions here.


"I would recommend the workshop to everyone dealing with complex systems/problems because I am scared the planet and its inhabitants have to suffer the damage when the problem solvers make one of the ten mentioned mistakes that may cause dramatic effects."

Lysanne Jackson

NLadviseurs, Biodiversity policy and legislation advisor

Scientifically backed through research:

Did you know? Almost 75% of all change- and problem-solving projects fail. The main reason? A too superficial problem analysis phase. This leads to treating symptoms instead of solving root causes.

Would you like to know how a well designed systemic problem-solving approach can help you or your organization succeed?

Please get in touch with me or get the book/ebook (in German) here!

Book and ebook


I love getting to the bottom of complex problems that people find difficult to solve. I do this with a combination of critical thinking, intuitive insights, and cutting edge methods. Together we will take you to the next level of success, passion and fulfillment.

Systemic Consultant, Coach & certified KinFlex® Therapist

What drives me?

Thrivability: Effectiveness meets innovation

In 2010, during my MBA in California with a focus on sustainability, I was introduced to the transformative concept of the Cradle to Cradle® paradigm. This holistic circular economy framework resonated deeply with me because it aligns perfectly with my core values: Rather than merely addressing symptoms, the concept tackles the root causes of issues, offering creative, effective, and comprehensive solutions.

If you would like to receive my article on a systemic approach to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), please click here.

Superficial fixes don't appeal to me; I believe in going beyond the surface to improve the underlying systems that cause the problems. This philosophy drives my coaching and consulting approach. By adopting a holistic perspective, I strive to help individuals, organizations, and overarching systems thrive in harmony.

When systemic insights, quantum physics and proper tooling unite

In 2013, I enhanced my problem-solving toolkit by learning systems thinking and strategic systems mapping, followed by mastering business systems constellation in 2016. These methodologies allowed me to tackle complex problems much more strategically and systemcially. 

However, it was during my dissertation where I combined these approaches. Here I also delved into the theory and science of cybernetics (1st and 2nd order) and explored the deeper aspects of organizational culture, including emotions, beliefs, frequencies and psychology.

This comprehensive systemic background has equipped me to better understand the subtle and often hidden root causes of complex issues in social systems. 

A focus on what is often overlooked: mindset, emotions and the electromagnetic field

Over the past 10 years, I have learned more than 12 effective techniques for changing reality and achieving desired outcomes. Remarkably, few people are aware of the transformative power of managing the inner world, especially the mind and emotions.

Leaders in organizations in particular could make a decisive difference. Applying this approach is revolutionizing the way we understand and successfully manage complex problems. It also changes the way we develop organizations. Namely, from the inside out, starting at the highest management level/C-level.

This approach offers untapped potential and the opportunity for organizations and leaders alike to thrive and flourish financially and personally.

What are my vision, mission and values?


I envision an economy, society and ecosystems that are healthy, happy and thriving! This is due to the fact that the economy is run on eco-effective closed-loops and well-orchestrated systems that are constantly improving through the help of human innovation, collaboration and creativity. Systemic laws and systems thinking skills are applied by all decision makers because these skills and insights are taught in schools and universities worldwide. "Inner development" is seen as a strategic success factor because everyone is aware of the fact that "inner work" is a prerequisite for experiencing desired positive outcomes in the future.


I believe in 3 powerful levers to support the achievement of this vision:

  1. empower human beings to become the best versions of themselves
  2. apply & teach systemic tools to tackle complex problems effectively
  3. support people to uncover their life purpose and feel fulfilled & be successful


The core values that determine my actions and decisions are effectiveness ("doing the right thing right"), understanding, accountability, creativity and making a contribution to the individual and the greater good.

Please send me a message or connect with me on LinkedIn

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